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Who We Are

Vice Education Who We Are

Who We Are

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Vice is an education marketing agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. As communications specialists working exclusively in the education we invest time and resource in keeping our knowledge and skills up to date. We’re proud of our results and our customer service ethos. We believe in being open and adaptable, taking the time to understand how our clients work, being creative and practical in the solutions we recommend, being honest when things aren’t going as planned and focusing on solutions to get back on track. The majority of our clients have worked with us at least once before.

Indonesia Today

Cultural difference and different trends of how Indonesian rely on information sources and medias, suddenly became one of the main obstacle as well for foreign institutions to promote their way into Indonesian market and deliver the information for Indonesian people which was meant to lead the goal to; increasing the brand awareness and recruitment of one’s institution. The competition inside the market between institutions are very competitive along with similar methods used as the essential factor of this obstacle.

Indonesia is a keep-changing environment affected by global culture trend, by carefully observing the demands and needs of our clients, we are selective on “how-to” approach “within” the market. Passing and building information awareness to approach the market suddenly not as easy as it seems. We saw this and heedfully attentive to possibilities of using various platforms to promote and to place ourselves as the media of foreign educational institutions. To build and to essentially maintain a brand, our staffs are highly experienced inside the industry as a brand raiser to orient our goals by serving information with a vibrant and  up to date methods possible for Indonesian people, and for our clients

Our Vision

To be the leading marketing agency in Indonesia providing one-stop Digital Marketing Solution tailored to deliver our clients’ business objectives