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Content, strategy, communications and consulting for your BRAND

We provide creative marketing campaigns that produce results for Pre University, Bachelors, Masters, MBA and International Students.

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What We Do

Analyze & Maintain

Keep analyzing the market changes and maintain our clients development in Indonesia

Develop Strategy

Strategy preparation with information acquired

Market Survey

Do a market survey relevant to the requests


We discuss what’s our clients demands are and give feedback and advises

Google Ads

Generally Google Ads will led the promotion towards our client’s official website. The advertising collaborating with Google as one of the most influential searching engine in Indonesia by sponsoring budget allocated to Google behalf. Resulting our client’s website/landing page/social medias to be listed on the first page of search results of relevant demand typed.

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads where we allocate the promotion budget to Facebook so we can boost your Institution’s post into a wider range of visibility. Stay connected with parents and students as one of the marketing tools to keep up with the local trend. With users reaching close to 70,6 millions in Indonesia, Facebook serve as one of the compatible platform to pass information.

Twitter Ads

We allocate your promotion budget to Twitter so we can have a promoted Tweet. I am certain that you are familiar with the promoted tweets appeared in your Twitter's timeline even though you do not follow the account, there's implication inside the tweet that it's a promoted tweet or Twitter ads. Twitter’s user close to 20 million in Indonesia making it as one of the considerable primary social tools too.

Printing Service Assistant

Printing service assistance is one of our service where we will mediate the printings of our client’s printing material with the printing company in Indonesia. Not only assisting our clients for the printing but also distributing the printed materials to local agencies here.

School Fair Arrangement

We will arrange and inform about how much does participation cost for each local schools fair. We also provide service if they would like companion for consultation or representative. We only charge service fee for this arrangement. Our institution client will pay the same amount local schools charged for participation.

Class Presentation Arrangement

Presentation at local school under your school name is how we are representing you under an arrangement where we will come to local schools and conduct presentation. Normally local schools charge if we‘d like to conduct this presentation, which later on we will inform to our clients the cost how much local schools charge.

What We Offer

Vice's education marketing programs for schools and non-profit clients alike to increase awareness about educational products, services, and programs. We develop brand strategies and creativity that capture your essence, enhance your message, and create a strong emotional appeal to prospective customers, clients, and community supporters. This generates measurable results for our education partners, improving returns in fundraising efforts, student enrollments, and solidifying alumni and community commitments.

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